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LIVING WELL…DESPITE CATCHIN' HELL: The Black Woman's Guide to Health, Sex and Happiness

(Simon & Schuster; ISBN: 0964355477 [printed version]; ISBN: 0964355485 [eBook version]

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Disparaging images in the media. The subject of misogynistic lyrics and derogatory comments from famous celebrities and bloggers unknown. Colorism. The largest demographic of women who live as head-of-household and a growing shortage of marriage-minded (and marriage-worthy) Black men. These are just some of the ways Black women proverbially "catch hell" in today's society. Black women also disproportionately suffer from killer diseases such as diabetes, cancer, infant mortality, HIV/AIDS and more.


      Yet despite all the psycho-social attacks—the "hell"—Black women face, they have the lowest rate of suicide compared to other demographics and many live phenomenally well as cherished wives, trailblazing professionals and entrepreneurs. Living Well, Despite Catchin' Hell provides head-to-toe medical advice on heart disease, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, fibroid tumors and other medical diagnoses, and it acknowledges the direct effect such social rejection and attacks (the "hell") that Black women experience on a near-daily basis have on their psyche and physical health. Dr. McCloud's ground-breaking "Rejection Connection" flowchart clearly demonstrates the medical-psycho-social link.


      With an upbeat approach (and with health as the common thread woven through each section), Living Well...Despite Catchin' Hell is professional medical advice, sexology, sociology, psychology, dashes of pop culture and hefty doses of personal responsibility. It is the one-source, go-to health reference Black women need in order to live healthy, happy, long and strong in the 21st century.


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BLESSED HEALTH: The African-American Woman's Guide to Physical & Spiritual Well-Being

(Simon & Schuster; ISBN: 0743410424)

Many women will go to church every Sunday of every week, but won't take one day of the year to get a pap and mammogram done. As a result, they are dying prematurely. It doesn't have to be that way. A comprehensive women's wellness guide (including a “Prescription for your Soul”), BLESSED HEALTH provides information on fibroids, STDs, pregnancy, menopause and how spiritual wisdom and prayer can decrease the harmful effects of stress. Featured in Parade, Essence, Village Voice, Family Circle and more. BLESSED HEALTH has been approved by, and is listed in, the U. S. Office of Minority Health Resource Center [Accession number: MH03D5722.]


Available in print and as an eBook at and Barnes and Noble.


NOTE: Since this book is older, get the eBook version for the "Prescriptions for Your Soul"; it's cheaper! But remember that Living Well is more medically current.


THE HEALTH DIARY for WOMEN of COLOR: Your Personal Log

Families that don't know (or heed) their health history are likely to repeat it. Women of the world can use this health inventory to chronicle their health history, and that of their family. It's your life—live it. It's your health—know it.


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SPIRITUAL PURSUIT: Questions for Your Soul

previously entitled BEING HONEST with GOD & ME

What was your first experience with God? When was the last time you knelt to pray? If in the clergy what do you preach against but are currently guilty of?


These are just some of the over 600 provocative questions in this spiritual inventory. As you look back over your life, what has been your soul's journey? Take a look and see.


A great gift for every soul you know.

MEDICAL BLOOPERS!! Amusing & Amazing Stories of Health Care Workers

(with a foreword by Dr. Neil Shulman, author of "Doc Hollywood.")

These real life anecdotes will tickle your funny bone with a lighter (and at times, politically incorrect) look into the serious world of medicine. Humor--it's good for what ails you! Contains illustrations and definitions. Available right now as an eBook at!